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If you are houseless you may write "none".
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In Symbiosis PDX we are organized and do our work around distinct semi-autonomous circles

SHaRE; donations and distribute food items and more to community members. Needs to be available for at least one shift every two weeks for a three hour shift. The shifts are every Tuesday and Thursday, as well as the first and third Sunday of the month, from 12-3 and from 3-6. Needs to be available to attend regular meetings to discuss program operations every other week. Be able to interact with a wide array of people with patience and can practice food safety protocols.

Prepared Food Program: The Symbiosis prepared food program holds shifts Wednesday and Friday. These folks make meals for immigrant laborers and houseless people in inner SE.

Reading & Study Circle: This circle digs into interesting readings related to Symbiosis. We engage in riveting and deep discussion while growing deeper in our collective understanding of social struggle. We meet every two weeks to discuss readings we decide on together.

Neighborhood Action Collectives; This is a circle for people who like canvassing, door knocking and building relationships with neighbors. Passionate about building neighborhood assemblies? This is for you!

Safety: We keep us safe! If you have skill sin self-defense you would like to share with the others than this is for you.

PCEN Coordination Circle: This circle takes care of Symbiosis PDX's timebank. If you have experience with timebanking please check this box!.

Zine Production: this team makes and prints zines!

Protest/Outreach: this team hits the streets together!

Food Growing: This team is all about growing food and connecting to ecology!

Indigenous Solidarity: This circle does solidarity work with indigenous communities.

Housing Team: This circle is focused on defending houseless, renters and low income home owners rights. To free the land and recognize housing as a human right!

Graphic Design: this team creates original art for general use in the organization.

Community Safety Check
In Symbiosis PDX we take the safety and security of our members seriously. We practice relational security. That means that we need to get to know those joining our organization.
We require that all new members provide at least one community reference we can follow up with about your request to join. A community reference could be anyone in your life that could speak to your good character or politics. That could be a family member, friend, past/present organization member, someone you know in Symbiosis or anyone who knows you in your community.
Bylaws are our collective agreements on how we operate. We utilize a sociocratic and consent based decision making model. All members must review agree to follow our by-laws.
Our principles are: -Truth and Reconciliation -Consent Based Decision Making -Gender Freedom -Social Ecology -Solidarity Economy & Mutual Aid -Municipalism Please read the full descriptions here:
We ask that all of our members contribute membership dues through contributing a minimum of 5 hours a month and financially supporting by contributing at least $ 5 a month to the organization.
Reading Response
We want to ensure that all of our new members understand what generally Symbiosis PDX stands for and is working towards.